KoiPi Pet Weight Tracker Launcehd

logo-highresKoiPi Partners has launched a new KoiPi Pet Weight Tracker app for Android™ to easily calculate the weight of a pet. The app does not only calculate the weight but also gives you a possibility to follow the health of your pet over a period of time by tracking the weight changes.

KoiPi Lemmikin PainonseurantaUse the KoiPi Horse Weight Tracker for:


  • follow the health of your pet as indicated by weight changes
  • follow the progression of your pet weight loose
  • follow the growth of your puppy, kitten or rodent



  • Graph for weight trend follow-up
  • Set your pet’s name and species
  • Supports both imperial and metric units.
  • English and Finnish language localisations.
  • More features in the pipeline!

KoiPi Pet Weight Tracker is now available on Google Play TM

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